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Welcome to my store. Products noted below all incorporate my artwork in someway (acrylic on canvas, photography, writing, AI) and the selling of these products use a variety of platforms (i.e. Paypal, Amazon, Fliphtml5, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Pixels). If you see something you want just click on it and buy buy buy! Your funding supports my art projects - thank you so much!

A perfect gift for someone you love or for someone who has a rabbit that eats all of their real flowers:) If you have a loved one that has a digital frame, this USB flash drive is a perfect gift to treat them to beautiful photographs of flowers all day long:) USB Flash Drive full of 100 photos of flowers from photographer J. Mummey. Plug into any compatible digital frame and enjoy an instant flower slideshow! Ship to U.S. addresses only. Drive Specs: 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Swivel Memory Stick Thumb Drive. Image specs: JPG format, size 1024x768.

USB flashdrive of flowers

A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In! by J. Mummey (Paperback).
If you fell under the fluffy spell of the bunny rabbit and have no idea how to raise it, this book will help you.

A Bunny Rabbit is Moving in by J Mummey

(fliphtml5.com and amazon.com)
Critter Absurd Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3 by J. Mummey:
digital or print

Critter Absurd Magazine by J Mummey

Bunny Joy Yoga Mat

Bunny Joy Yoga Mat by J Mummey

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