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Writing and Photography

Writing is so much fun, I highly recommend it! If writing is something you have always wanted to do then what are you waiting for? Pen your jet, paper your runway, fly!

My current writing project: Novel, suspense: Our Descent.


My completed works


Critter Absurd Magazine

Critter Absurd is an American humor magazine founded in 2022 by editor J. Mummey. The magazine highlights the joys and horrors of pets and wildlife. Critter Absurd publishes 4 issues per year in print and digital formats.

Writers Wanted! Critter Absurd magazine wants you! Do you have original material that is pet related (cartoons, photos, poems, short stories, obituaries, advertisements for your business, etc)? Send it in today! Submission guidelines: https://www.mummey.com/sg.pdf

Kindle Vella

Thin Ice Cracking

Thin Ice Cracking is a Kindle Vella thriller created in 2022 by author J. Mummey. A figure skater battles with ever-increasing darkness. It is enveloping her, her relationships, her job, and the ice (her favorite escape). Will fear and self-doubt break her? Or, will she defeat this unseen force to save her small community and become the success she has always dreamed of?

Web Sites


myhamsterzoo.com by J. Mummey is a short and sweet educational site filled with adorable photos, videos and tips on how to care for precious little hamsters.


mummey.com by J. Mummey is a fun mash of my current projects and all around favorite things:)


Our Backyard

Our Backyard by J. Mummey is a small nature newspaper covering all of the nature fun going on in our own backyard in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our Backyard is a monthly newspaper released the first business day of each month.

Pet Care

A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In!

A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In! by J. Mummey. A new pet owner's guide to raising a bunny inside the home. Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook format at most major book outlets.

Bunny rabbits are one of the cutest animals on the planet. In addition to being adorable, happy rabbits often perform a highly entertaining feat of spontaneously twisting and leaping into the air (aka binkies). These qualities alone entice buyers from all over the world to purchase rabbits as pets.

If you fell under the fluffy spell of the bunny rabbit and have no idea how to raise it, this book will help you. This book gives readers a good idea of what is needed and what to expect when a bunny rabbit lives inside the home. It contains fun tips on how to care for rabbits within the home and is based on the author's experiences as a long-time rabbit owner.

Coloring Books


Random by J. Mummey (released on 11/11/2016). This is a fun example of what you can do with computer programming. I wrote a simple application in the c# language to generate this interesting artwork. If you are interested in becoming a computer programmer, let this book be your first step. Click here to follow the instructions on how I created the application that generated these graphics.


Dementia Untouched by J. Mummey (released in 2015).  Published by The Oddville Press. Click here to read it (Volume 2, Issue 4: page 5).

Short Stories

Spooky Jenny Volume III

Spooky Jenny Volume III by J. Mummey (released on 9/30/2013). This volume covers everything from the humerous horrors of taco salad to scaring Grandma! It is a combination of true and spooky stories from Jenny's life, decorating tips, and fun events for Halloween.

Spooky Jenny Volume II

Spooky Jenny Volume II by J. Mummey (released on 9/2/2012). This Volume is a combination of true and spooky stories from Jenny's life, decorating tips, and fun events for Halloween.

Spooky Jenny Volume I

Spooky Jenny Volume I by J. Mummey (released on 10/1/2011). This volume is a combination of true and spooky stories from Jenny's life, decorating tips, and fun events for Halloween.

Fun Writing Events

Moonwrite by Moonlight

I created "Moonwrite by Moonlight" events a few years ago for myself and fellow writers as a fun way to jumpstart writing in the fall. Since I don't have room to invite the world over, I'm posting this in the hopes that you will host your own "Moonwrite by Moonlight" for your circle of peeps in October (on the night of a full moon).

A Moonwrite is an evening of wine, cheese, fruit, writing in the dark (outside, under spooky trees by candlelight or flashlight), and live readings at the 30 minute mark of every hour for anyone interested in sharing their work.

Supplies attendees need to bring: pad and pen/pencil, flashlight, beach towel or lawn chair.

Note: In the event of bad weather, we just move this event indoors and turn out the lights:)

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